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PUCK EWE- the game of Scottish Kings

Yes, you read that correctly...

You're not going to believe this one, but you'll have a blast!Trust me

This is Golf..only instead of a golf club you get a  Pucker stick, and instead of golf balls, Little Ewe's cause Scottsmen do love their sheep. You get your official Apprentice Pucker Pin, yours to keep

ok...so... you sign up at the Pub, for $20  the game starts with a Shot , a small Ewe, and a Puck stick. you play nine rounds of Puck Ewe, pucking your Ewes into Barn Yards that are strategically placed throughout the fairgrounds

like Golf, Puck Ewe has penalties IE.

If you lose your Ewe, Someone touches your Ewe, you hit someone with your Ewe, and for each shot you take you add points to your Puck Ewe score sheet. with every shot please shout out BAAA or something Ewe(sheep) Sound related or you get a point.

 Winner of Puck Ewe has the lowest score  (points)and receives another complimentary shot at the pub and 2 free tickets to return on Sun 5/12 to compete with the winners of the second  and third round of Puck Ewe Played on Sat. 5/11

Winner on Sun.5/12 receives the Coveted Golden Grand Master Pucker trophy and an invitation to 2025 Grand Master Pucker Championship game to defend and keep your title and trophy and Grand Master Pucker Pin.( say that 10 X fast)

To keep you Puckers honest, we shall have the Greatest Pucker that ever lived..Puc escort you throughout the game as the Grand Master Overlord He controls the points( be nice to him)

there are 3 games played on Sat. 5/11 11:30 game 1, 1:30 game 2, & 3:30 remember their can be only ONE Winner from each Game to compete on Sunday , Do You Have What It Takes To Be The GRAND MASTER PUCKER..play and find out!!