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Hudson Valley Pirate Festival

My name is Cheryl Olsen and together with  a Staff of fanastic,creative,dedicated ,tolerant friends & family, We bring to you :

HVRenaissance Faire Presents:

               Hudson Valley Pirate Festival . This all started 4 yrs.ago after watching many Pirate Movies as well as Muppet Treasure Island, we thought " Hey..we love Pirates,lets do a Pirate festival,

On May 11 & 12th 2024 , We once again return to The Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, NY to bring to you, Swashbuckling Captains with their loyal yet thieving crew, Wenches, Mermaids, Faeries, and a whole host of roaming characters. Live Entertainment all day, 75+ Vendors, Tasty Food and Beverages ,games of skill, a childrens area and many more surprises. All this for your enjoyment


Pirate Wenches interested in joining the Ship...The Queen Cle' Toria, please email us at Mystikbazaar@gmail.com

Membership includes: A special Pirate Wench Pin, a song book with all the special songs we sing, a license to Wench and Pirate at will and so much more...



This year we are offering to you  our loyal friends a chance to Get off your Ship and sail with us!!

Remember when your part of HVPF, it has its privleges.

for more info on joining the ship please contact Mystikbazaar@gmail.com

The Ship is built but needs a crew, would ye be interested in sailing ?

We are accepting vendors for this years Festival 

Please contact us for an application:

HVPF24@gmail.com or Shelff333@Gmail.com