THE Enchanted Glen

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THE Enchanted GLen

Welcome to The "ENCHANTED GLEN' home of the Fae.

A truly beautiful, magical Realm where you  can see Mermaids, Unicorns,Fairy Folk good and chaotic. talking trees, creatures great and small. this is where adults and children can come dance like no one is watching and play games like a pro, win prizes and perhaps meet the Fairy King Oberon and his Queen Titannia.



PUCK EWE, The Game

Poultry in Motion the game

Welcome to the Glen

Woods Magic

The Fairy King Oberon


Queen Titania (Spring & Summer)

Master Puc

Flower Fairies

The Secret Fairy world, only seen with Fairy Sight

Puck, the trickster

Fairies you may see...

StarFire Entertainment (Circus)