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Edward " Black Beard: Teach-Sigurd Olsen-Also known as "The Demon" Pirate for the sparks he placed in his beard to intimidate people - 

Bastian Black -  Loki Olsen - Cabin boy  theif and spy for Black Beard

Bartholomew Roberts " Black Bart - Domanic Miller- The Gentleman's Pirate, he despises men that drink Rum. His crew were only allowed to drink Tea. 

Tristian Coaltree - Frank Miller- Cabin Boy and Spy for Black Bart

John " Calico Jack" Rackham Keith Dermody- Flashy dresser, smart and cunning, he was the first Pirate to fly the Skull and Crossbone flag, known today as the Jolly Roger!

Anne Bonny-  Renee' Hart -Calico Jacks lover as beautiful as she is deadly.  

Morganna La' Rue - Paige Hart  Daughter and Heir to Captain Morgans legacy Delicate in stature but a deadly badass! 

Collette La' Rue - Christine  Bowen  married to Captaian Morgan, mother to Morganna and Calypso

Calypso Sara- Illegitimate daughter of Sangier, a Jamaican born  practioner of Obeah "Voodoo" Man, she knows her craft well and is jelious of her half sister Moganna's inheritance.

 Amielia ( Creature) Shaw- 17 yr.old spy for Captain Morgan La Rue.. of the Queen Cle' Toria

 Morgan La Rue-  Captain in her own right of  The Queen Cle' Toria -Collette La Rue's sister - was also Captain Morgan's lover(unknown to all but he and her daughter Amiellia) will be joining the festivities,but no one ever knows where.....

Samuel Whitmore




The Enchanted Glen Characters


    Bella the Green- Sasha Bajjo-born to a Goblin and a TRoll..theirs was a forbidden love that happens when you live under the same rock. Fortunately Bella's BirthWoods are very close to th sea, where she meets and marries Neptune, but instead of being a mermaid to live forever under the sea, she promises Neptune that she will stow away on Pirate Ships to help the Pirate stay healthy by providing fresh Lemons and Limes to ward off scurvy . She loves the magical sounds that coins clinking tpgether makes so she helps Pirates find and gain treasure. Bella wears atop her head a seashell crown made by Neptune himself to protect her while they are apart, till the day she can be reunited with her beloved husband King Neptune.

 -Dolpheene- The Dolphin Fairy -Bethann Shaw- Collects Sea Shells and other trinkets from the sea and creates beautiful works of wearable art,  by day she walks on ground but must return to the sea by midnight every night lest she becomes mortal full time, never to swim again.

Sareena- The mermaid, and her 2 sisters, were  captured and forced to live on dry land by Black Beard for he loved their mother but their love could never last, she of the sea, he the land... but his daughters,  lives with him and provides entertainment to children with their beautiful songsand talented ways, can they Ever Be Set Free again?

Raynbow Sprite- Tony Dolder- originally the size of a small Sprite, but begged and begged to be made human size because she fell in love with a sailor, Titania granted her this wish and her jonny sailor boy left her to sail with Captain Morgan, and never returned. She has the heart of a Sprite, mischeives and Flirty but the size of a human, only true love can restore her to PSprite size, so she searches for her true love evermore.

Oberon- Barry Hart- King of the Fairies, enchanted by his lady Queen Titania, each May, He is here to escort his lady Queen to the Pirate Festival to return to the Enchanted Glen once again.

Titania- Yshecka Smith-   as Titania,  Beautiful and Magical Queen of the Fairies, she will be ascorted to the Pirate Festival by her King Oberon and to The Mother's Day Brunch on Sunday 5/14 at 2 pm then to return back to her Enchanted  Glen once again.