Krampus vs. Christmas 2024

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What's Coming up Next?



Very New in the Creating Stage for Dec. 2024- KRAMPUS VS. Christmas  an Artisan, Entertainment, Freak Show and Oddities Market.

Anyone interested in vending, volunteering, Performing or other in reg. to either or both of these Events please reach out to us  as early as possible.



what's new with business!

Mystik Bazaar Events has undergone some changes in 2024

Sadly my business partner Courtney Beck has left the business due to personal issues.   We Will Miss You Hooters!!

Our darling Adorable Creature has also left the nest, we are hoping she finds her way back soon.

We have expanded our list of events to include a Krampus show and speaking of shows:

The Ladies with their whips of pleasure and paddles of pain are available for spanklingly fun other night shows, Welcome to the St. Andrews Cross

The MkKrakynn Sister Entertainment Corp.

More info available@    Att. Sisters